Facilities Management

Pest Management for facilities management businesses at Anti Cimex Services, we understand that the functionality, safety and comfort of buildings we occupy are paramount. Reducing the risk of pest infestation is vital for today’s businesses.

At Anti Cimex Services, we believe pest control should be proactive solutions for your facility. Pest management at businesses is very different in commercial premises from that at residential premises. Our long experience in our industry has helped us fine tune an eight-step process to effectively deliver pest management services to our B2B customers. We do the following in our commercial pest management to achieve results expected by customers. These eight steps are described below.

This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach means that we try to address pest problems before they start, minimizing the need for reactive treatments, so we’re one step ahead.

You don’t let just anyone lease space in your property. You want tenants whose reputations add real value. Shouldn’t your pest management provider’s reputation do the same? When you choose ANTI CIMEX SERVICES’s services for pest protection, you choose a program backed by more than 25 years of scientific research and proven results. And your Commercial Pest Specialist will tailor your program to meet your needs. Our standard Facility Protection package includes holistic pest management services.

In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as:

Bird Control

Certain types of birds may cause problems for your property. Birds can spread disease, damage property and create hazardous conditions with waste and droppings. ANTI CIMEX SERVICES can customize a bird control program focused on habitat modification.

Fly Control

Flies are a nuisance and a health risk in a business environment and can spread bacteria. They reproduce quickly, so control is a challenge. ANTI CIMEX SERVICES can develop a strategic plan specifically for your property.

Disinfection solutions

In addition to providing facilities management companies with innovative pest management, Anti Cimex also delivers an extensive range of legally compliant disinfection solutions to help businesses deal with the effects of the coronavirus.

Facilities Management

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