Residential Pest Management

Pests, for instance, cockroaches, termites, ants, bedbugs, rodents, lizards, spiders, flies and mosquitoes enter residential dwellings in quest of food, water and shelter for their survival and development. Their most preferred nesting places are cracks and crevices in kitchen cabinets, internal spaces in kitchen equipment’s, and working stations.

Cockroaches enter our homes through corrugated boxes and bed bugs are hitchhikers that may get in with luggage and furniture. Material placed within the wall in storage spaces is conducive to rodent populations whereas moist and favorable conditions in bathrooms trigger termite infestation. Structural gaps on the perimeter of the building allow ingress of rodents. Open Dumpsters invite flies and mosquitoes prefer to take rest in dark and undisturbed surroundings such as staircase etc.


Based on the behavior and biology of these pests, we design our Pest management solutions by taking extra careful measures in order to ensure the safety of your family, pets and environment. All our yearly protection plans are backed up with service warranties. In the case of re-occurrence of pests, we will redeliver the services to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.

Pest Risk Map For Facilities

National Account Management

At Anti Cimex Services, we understand that the functionality, safety and comfort of buildings we occupy are paramount. Reducing the risk of pest infestation is vital for today’s businesses. Pest infestations pose a threat to health and can damage equipment, property and reputation. By working with A who will act as your eyes and ears, our pest control services will protect the health and well being of those using the space.

Residential Pest Management

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