Experienced and Knowledgeable Management Team

Anti Cimex Services has  a team of professionals and domain experts having prior working experience with the leading national and international pest control services providers, for over decades. Our experience plays a key role in identifying the best possible solutions to our customer’s pest concerns.

Trained and Certified Technicians

The Best People for the Job. All of our technicians are well-trained, experienced and Professionals. Our technicians are local to our customers to understand their needs to provide customised solutions.

Safety Health & Environment

All our pest control services are enviro safe and the chemicals we use are registered and approved by the Central Insecticide Board, under the Ministry of Agriculture Government of India along with advanced tools and technologies.

Expert Survey

We have experienced survey team who are experienced & trained to do the audits as per IPM standards and to do the GAP Analysis audit

Customized Pest Management Program

As every property is unique so solution for each would be unique. So on the based of our survey we make customised solutions for our clients.

Audit Support

We have experienced Technical person and do the regular training for our technicians as per Audits requirement like, BRC, AIB, FSSAI, ISO22000:2005, HACCP & Internal Customer’s Audit.

Pest Awareness Training

We are conducting traing at regular intervals with end users to create awareness about pest, about Building Sanitation, about Incoming Materials, about Material Storing, about External Contributing Factors and update them to do’s and don’ts to maintain proper hygiene at site.


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