The Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) is a non-profit trade association of professional pest management companies in India. Founded in 1967, it is the premier association of the professional pest management industries, with over 350 members throughout the country.

IPCA Promote Scientific Growth of Pest Control Services, Technology and Quality Control to Develop Technical Research in the Methods of Application of Pesticides and Associate Closely in the National Programme of Increasing Food Production and Maintenance of Clean Environment and Hygiene in the country.

Bayer Recognition - About Bayer Network

Health,hygiene and safety-these are the fundamental principles on which Bayer has conceived Bayer Network Bayer network is a collabration of the leaders in pest management to provide superior pest management services. A new-age solution that combines technologically advanced products and intensive expertise to provide professional pest management programme.

High level of technological competence assures superior technical service to customers through long-lasting partneships. Provide specialised and professional pest management solution that help to maintain the essence of your ‘Brand Image’.

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