At Anti Cimex Services, we believe pest control should be proactive solutions for your facility, to Exclusion, Restriction, Destroy & Monitoring. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach means that we try to address pest problems before they start, minimizing the need for reactive treatments, so we’re one step ahead.

In pest control, like in healthcare, success starts with science. That’s why you need an expert.

At ANTI CIMEX SERVICES, we believe the more we know about pests and why they do what they do, the better we can do what we do. And in sensitive healthcare facilities like yours, it takes a scientific approach. That’s why ANTI CIMEX SERVICES’s Healthcare Protection protocols are based on extensive research and designed to comply with proven practices recommended by healthcare thought leaders including The Indian Medical Association.

When you choose ANTI CIMEX SERVICES, We’ll start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and design your Healthcare Protection program to meet your needs.

Just like patients, no two healthcare facilities are alike. That’s why your ANTI CIMEX SERVICES Man will start with a comprehensive inspection to understand the unique pest pressures your facility faces. Then, based on his findings, he’ll work with you to build a protection plan – just for your facility – that puts our scientific methods to work. Our standard Healthcare Protection program includes insect and rodent control.

We also provide an additional layer of quality assurance and detailed documentation to help you meet and exceed the needs of the Joint Commission. This higher level of quality assurance protocols includes:

In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as:

Exclusion – Pests can enter your facility through doors and small cracks. ANTI CIMEX SERVICES will work with you to seal potential pest entry points and help protect your building by making it less attractive to pests.

Bed Bug Control – Bed bugs are a growing problem in healthcare establishments, but ANTI CIMEX SERVICES can help prevent them from hurting your reputation for outstanding care. To address bed bug infestations, ANTI CIMEX SERVICES will implement an aggressive strategy that includes a comprehensive inspection of areas of concern, treatment of infested areas and follow-up inspections.

Bird Control – Birds can be a major nuisance and cause expensive property damage to buildings, roofs and ventilations systems. Even worse, they can spread serious illness to your staff or visitors/patients. Our Bird Control program can help protect your healthcare facility from this difficult problem.


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