Rodent Entry Proofing Services

Rodents can cause significant problems in your attic and crawl space, from introducing harmful bacteria to chewing through insulation and threatening your home’s structural integrity. Anti Cimex provides a one-time, subscription-free rodent proofing solution for rats, mice and squirrels that is pesticide-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Rodents can be a menace to your home. These crafty creatures love to invade attics, crawl spaces, garages, barns and basements to nest and search for or store food. Most rodents self-regulate their population, but if they secure access to food, water and shelter, they can multiply really quickly.

For instance, a single rat can produce 12 to 17 litters a year. Each litter has an average of 10-12 babies, which means one female can be responsible for over 200 per year! If your attic or crawl space hasn’t been properly sealed off and maintained, a single invader can turn into a full rodent infestation in no time.

Rodents present serious health and safety hazards to your home and those who live within it. They are constant scavengers that eat your food and contaminate it with their urine, droppings and bacteria. This can lead to the spread of serious diseases like hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, plague, Lassa fever and salmonellosis — among others.

Rodents are also notorious for causing significant structural damage to your property. They chew insulation, air ducts, wallboards and wooden beams that support your house. After some time, you may experience saggy floors as the wooden beams become weak from the rodent bites. They even chew electric wires, which can cause fires or short your appliances and electrical system. All of these issues can lead to major repair costs and even dangerous disasters if they are left undetected and unresolved.

As attic and crawl space experts, the team at Anti Cimex knows a thing or two about just how significant rodent damage can become. We have worked with hundreds of clients who have had rodent infestations and helped them achieve an attic and crawl space which is inaccessible and inhospitable to future invaders.

We are so confident in our rodent proofing solution that we offer our clients a 1-year warranty so you can rest assured your home stays rodent-free for the foreseeable future. If you ever spot a rodent or a sign of their existence within a year of our service, our technicians will come and seal any new access points at no additional charge.

The Benefits of Rodent Proofing

Though they may be small in size, rodents can introduce a whole array of potential problems into your home. Anti Cimex’s one-time rodent proofing solution offers homeowners the following benefits:

Rodent Entry Proofing Services

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